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Unlock Superpowers with Postgres

Developing and managing modern application systems can be challenging. With Omnigres, you leave complexity behind and concentrate on the business logic.


The best database, augmented.

Omnigres is a collection of Postgres extensions and tools crafted to elevate its capabilities.

  • Built-in Web Stack ― Application logic is directly connected to its data, both logically and physically. Instead of translating and relaying requests back and forth between different services, the response comes straight from the database without additional network roundtrips. Batteries included.
  • Reactive Data Pipelines ― You can make your data flow through transformations and enrichment. This gives you the freedom to build complex applications and integrate with AI models, all without losing track of what's going on. The data is no longer static.

Hear from the community

This is what we heard so far.

Alexander Solovyov ― CTO

I've been wondering why databases did not become an application platform for a really long time.

Noah Watkins ― Redpanda

Each time @yrashk starts a new project I become jealous because I wish I'd thought of it first.

Mark ―

Omnigres looks really intriguing!

Steve Chavez ― PostgREST

Whoa @omnigres looks really cool! It reminds of @aquameta but seems more low-level. Really like it being based on C.

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